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   請選擇您需要打印的表格。以下檔案需要Adobe Reader才能開啟及列印。免費下載中文Adobe Reader請按這裡
常见賬戶基本表格 - New Account Forms
IRA/退休賬戶- IRA Account Forms
新賬戶申請表 Induividual New Account Application   IRA支付申請 IRA Distribution Form
Institutional New Account Form   退休計劃包 Qualified Retirment Plan
Acknowledgement of Disclosure Documents   5304-SIMPLE表
Listing of Authorized Signatories of a Legal Entity   5305-SEP表
Foreign Account Due Diligence Questionnaire  
其它表格和文件 - Other Forms
Limited Liability Company Resolution   DSR申請表 Dep. Sec. Req.
Customer Agreement   住所證明 Affidavit of Domicile
Corporate Resolution   不可變更股票或债券授权书 Stock Power
Consent of Electronic Delivery Of Documents   郵件授權 Mail Authorization
Lek W9 Form   無需現金股票期權表 Stock Option Exercise Request
Check Request Form   共同基金定期投資計劃申請 Mutual Fund Periodic Investment Plan
Lek W-8BEN表   共同基金系統取款計劃 Mutual Fund Systematic Withdraw Plan
Wire Funds Transfer Request Form   分離財產 Separate Property
Lek Option Form   Univest Trading Authorization
Lek Margin Form   Apex Trading Authorization
144 售股表格和文件 - 144 Sale Forms and Document
  Lek Trading Authorization
 Rule 144-售股須知 144 Information    
Rule 144预售證券表 144 Form    
Rule 144-预售證券賣方调查问券Proposed Sale Questionnaire    
Rule 144-賣方長信 144 Seller's Representation Letter-Long Form    
Rule 144-賣方短信 144 Seller's Representation Letter-Short Form    
Rule 144(k)信 144(k) Transfer Request Letter    
Rule 145賣方信 145 Seller's Letter    
Rule 147信 147 Letter    


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